Using the Zercurity Hawk API with Postman

Getting Started

The entire API documentation is available here:
The Zercurity API


Postman is a fantastic web and desktop app for building and consuming APIs. To consume the Zercurity API, first create a new workspace.

Creating a new workspace within Postman
Workspace configuration for Postman
Providing the Swagger YAML file for the Zercurity Postman API
Importing the Zercurity Swagger API into Postman

Generating our Zercurity API token

In order to authenticate with the Zercurity API. You’ll need an API Access Id and Access Key. From within Zercurity, go to Settings and the API keys. From here create a new API key and give it a name. We’re using Postman. Once you hit create you’ll receive your new API keys.


Keep these API keys safe. Once the dialogue box disappears, the API keys cannot be retrieved. To limit and/or grant access to a given API you’ll need to define a new or use an existing IAM policy template.

Creating a new Zercurity API key
Providing postman with the Hawk authentication keys
Configuring the Zercurity environment
Making your first Zercurity API request

Its all over!

We hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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