Release 18/03/19

Measurable security

One of the most frustrating things we’ve found is trying to track the progress security teams are making overall. A companies cybersecurity posture is constantly changing as new systems are added and teams use and build more tools.

Weekly reporting

You’ll start to receive weekly security reports from us. This report is derived from the metrics we’ve been collecting. We’re able to produce high-level weekly reports on the latest changes to your infrastructure. Highlighting the most urgent issues that need remedying. These reports also help track your weekly performance making it measurable.

Zercurity weekly report PDF


Using and anonymising this summarised data we can benchmark your company against those in your industry vertical to help you better understand where and how you can improve against your peers. Including what security mechanisms others are prioritising.

Asset discovery

A really hard problem is still getting a complete picture of the assets in your environment. With new working policies like BYOD. This is more important than ever.

Discovered assets


We’ve now added a new section to aggregate all your known vulnerabilities across all your systems into one place. At a glance, you can see how severe these issues are and how an attacker can potentially exploit these issues to potentially gain unauthorised access to your systems.

Detected CVE’s and the assets and/or packages affected.


Zercurity has introduced a new tab within the asset section to quickly show you the outstanding issues for a given asset. These issues feed into your overall security posture and reporting. Issues are tracked and re-offending issues can alert you to policy changes within your company.

Issues affecting a running asset that needs to be addressed.

Network device enrollment

You can now enrol Linux based networking devices using Zercurity. If you’re using Ubiquiti networking gear you can now enrol your switches and access points onto the platform to help increase your overall coverage and enable better asset discovery and improve overall compliance.

Pricing update

Moving forward Zercurity has updated its pricing model to better reflect how users are using the platform.

  • Added a new compliance radar on the dashboard to quickly show you across your platforms where certain security configurations are falling down.
  • New compliance dashboard that shows your weekly progress and where you need to improve and how you compare against your peers.
  • Fixed some enrollment issues when re-installing over an existing installation to correctly clear and re-sync Santa rules.
  • Added a new application risk history tab to show how we’ve derived a risk score for a given application.
  • Optimised process fetching and hashing to reduce the load on the remote system.
  • Restrict the data being shown for assets to the last 90 days for non-subscription customers.
  • Added CVVSv3 scores to vulnerability data.
  • Weekly compliance report.
  • Daily summarisation of a companies cybersecurity posture. Including the ability to scrub backwards through time to review progress.
  • Added Issues tab to the Asset information page. To help better identify and address outstanding issues.
  • Added new vulnerabilities section.
  • Added network asset discovery and detection of device types based on their mac address.



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