Getting started with Steampipe on Zercurity

Getting started

You can now add integrations via the asset enrollment pane or under settings pane within Zercurity. From the drop down menu you can choose your integration. In this example we’re going to connect directly to AWS.

Adding AWS as an integration in Zercurity
AWS ReadyOnlyAccess policy
Zercurity integrations pane

Steampipe workbench

Let’s put this all to use. You can run ad-hoc queries via the Zercurity workbench. Let’s see it in action:

Zercurity Steampipe ad-hoc query builder

Steampipe compliance frameworks

Just like with the existing compliance frameworks that make use of Osquery. You can now run queries directly against your Steampipe integrations and ensure the configuration and state is compliant on a continual basis.

Zercurity Steampipe compliance framework
Failing S3 bucket compliance rule

Its all over!

We hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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