Deploying Workloads on vSphere 7 with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service (TKGS)


Deploying TKGS Workloads

vSphere workload Management setup

Installing TKGS on vCenter Server Network (Supports Tanzu Kubernetes clusters)
Pre-flight Tanzu checks
Supervisor cluster sizing options
scp root@ ca.crt && cat ca.crt
Configuring HA proxy within the workload manager
Configuring the management network
Workload configuration screen for Tanzu TGKS
Defining our workload cluster
Tanzu content library
Tanzu setup finalization

Tanzu supervisor cluster installation

Tanzu errors during setup
Resource Type Deployment, Identifier vmware-system-netop/vmwa-resystem-netop-controller-manager is not found.
No resources of type Pod exist for cluster domain-c8
Kubernetes cluster heath endpoint problem at <IP unassigned>. Details: Waiting for API Master IP assignment.
Our working Tanzu cluster.

Connecting to our new supervisor cluster

Kubernetes CLI tools landing page


Tanzu configuration settings overview
Kubernetes events

Connecting to the supervisor cluster

$ kubectl vsphere login --server= --insecure-skip-tls-verify

Username: administrator@test.corp
Logged in successfully.

You have access to the following contexts:

If the context you wish to use is not in this list, you may need to try logging in again later, or contact your cluster administrator.

To change context, use `kubectl config use-context <workload name>`
$ kubectl config use-context
$ kubectl get nodesNAME              STATUS   ROLES    AGE     VERSION
420f1f569680d.. Ready master 5d17h v1.18.2-6+38ac483e736488
420fdbfa2080b.. Ready master 5d17h v1.18.2-6+38ac483e736488
420fe058fd6bd.. Ready master 5d17h v1.18.2-6+38ac483e736488
kubectl api-resources --namespaced=false

Its all over!



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