Checking the status of Windows update with Osquery

  • Firewall status firewall
    The health of the monitored Firewall products (see the Osquery windows_security_products table)
  • Windows Auto Update autoupdate
    The health status of the Windows Auto-update feature
  • Antivirus Status antivirus
    The health of the monitored Antivirus solution (see the Osquery windows_security_products table)
  • Anti-spyware Status antispyware
    The health of the monitored Anti-spyware solution (see the Osquery windows_security_products)
  • Internet Settings internet_settings
    The health of the Internet Settings. Please see the Windows Security Centers settings for best practice.
  • Windows Security Center Service windows_security_center_service
    The health of the Windows Security Center Service
  • User account control (UAC) user_account_control
    The health of the User Account Control (UAC) capability in Windows
osquery> SELECT autoupdate FROM windows_security_center;+------------+
| autoupdate |
| Good |
osquery> SELECT CASE WHEN autoupdate = 'Good' THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE END AS autoupdate FROM windows_security_center;+------------+
| autoupdate |
| 1 |
osquery> SELECT * FROM windows_security_products;

Windows Group Policy Object check

COUNT(*) AS passed
key = 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU'
AND name = 'NoAutoUpdate'
AND data = '0';

Its all over!




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Real-time security and compliance delivered.

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