03/10/22 Release

Following on from our last release of Zercurity. Which added support for Steampipe — providing query support to cloud environments and SaaS applications. We’ve improved the overall performance and upgraded the embedded Steampipe plugins in this release. We’ve also added the following new features.

New data exporter

Downloading a large data set of 2MM rows with the new Exporter

IAM Manager

Investigations (Preview)

Zercurity investigations workbench

Osquery carves (File retrieval)

The results view also now lets you see system carves. Files that have been requested by the Zercurity platform for analysis or to better improve user attribution.

Fetching files with Osquery carves


Thanks for reading and lastly here is our summarised change log for our latest release (v20220919):

  • Added Windows defender smart screen warning to the enrolled screen.
  • Added A new wizard to create Osquery carves, rather than having to run a query.
  • Added A changes view to issues. To see changes mapped across multiple tracked issues.
  • Added Investigations now has better support for DNS and SSL results.
  • Added A permissions view for a given user.
  • Added A new export data wizard for CSV, JSON and XML.
  • Added support for custom branding.
  • Added Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) for Ubuntu repositories to package scanner.
  • Updated vulnerability support for RHEL distributions.
  • Updated Improved the policy editor for IAM rules.
  • Updated The IAM builder now supports multiple statements.
  • Updated Search now only queries the local system. A switch has been added to search external data.
  • Updated Issue changes are now sent be email by default.
  • Updated Weekly reports are now no longer sent if there are no active assets.
  • Updated dashboards to show critical events, rather than them being grouped together as high priority.
  • Fixed an issue where tickets would be re-opened for archived assets
  • Fixed an issue with the RHEL installer on older init.d based systems not removing a symlink post rm.



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